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Food Preparation

Water Buffalo Chili



1 lb ground water buffalo meat

2 tins chopped tomato

1 tin tomato sauce

1 tin red kidney beans

1 tin sliced mushroom

2 stalks celery chopped

1 large cooking onion chopped

1 red pepper chopped

1 green pepper chopped

1 tsp cumin

1 tsp chili powder

1/2 tsp oregano

3 cloves garlic minced

chili flakes to taste

salt and pepper to taste



Add 2 tsps. olive oil to a heavy pot, cook ground water buffalo meat thoroughly. Add spices and garlic then add vegetables to pan, cook until softened.   Add tins of sauces, mushrooms, kidney beans and tomatoes.  Bring to boil for 5 mins then reduce heat and simmer, stirring occasionally until sauce thickens.  If sauce does not thicken or for quicker results you can add a small tin of tomato paste. 

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