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Slicing Meat

Custom Meat Orders

A note about dressed weight

Our Water Buffalo are Grassfed and raised without hormones or antibiotics.

Like all Water Buffalo producers, we sell our sides of meat by dressed weight.  That means the sides are weighed when they are first hung to dry age, which is called the hot dressed weight or the hanging weight.

Over the course of the ageing process, the Water Buffalo meat loses some of its weight through moisture loss.  Then when the side is butchered into individual cuts, most of the bones and fat are removed.  So, the overall cut weight of your meat will be around 67% of the hanging hot dressed weight. That’s how the meat industry works, and the pricing is set with the expected weight reduction in mind.

On average, each of our sides weighs around 375lbs-400lbs of Water Buffalo, and 1/4s about 188lbs-200lbs, hanging dressed weight.  To order, we take a deposit of $125 for a 1/4, $250 for a full side, or $500 for a whole.  Your balance will then be calculated from the actual weight of your side(s), minus deposit.

Deposit on Whole, Side, or 1/4

Deposit on 1/4 of Water Buffalo, $125.00

Deposit on side of Water Buffalo, $250.00

Deposit on whole Water Buffalo, $500.00



Price List

Rail Weight

Sides - $3.15/lb.


Back $3.20/lb.

Front $3.10/lb.



1600lbs Live weight – 790lbs Dry

Side $1260 (300-400lbs)


Buffalo to buy Live

Up to 1300lbs - $1.90/lb

Under 1300lbs - $1.60/lb

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