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All About Us

I bet you are wondering "Why water buffalo"? Well we were bored!! No, actually we were both dairy farmers, we decided to go back to our passion with a twist. We chose to start milking water buffalo for their rich,  sweet creamy, porcelain white milk. We had a goal in mind  to produce and manufacture proper Buffalo Mozzarella.

In late 2007, we took a trip to Italy to tour large water buffalo facilities, It was love at first sight! We saw them and we were hooked!!! Early into the trip we met a gentleman who was the director of water buffalo dairy in Vermont. It wasn't long after we returned home that we ventured off to Woodstock, Vermont to see his farm. After talks and negotiations we had our first herd of water buffalo delivered to the farm in April 2008.

We started with 39 heifers and 1 bull named Tajo, but little did we know there would be more by September as mommies soon started to udder up and show off their baby bellies. By September 16th we were blessed with our first calf born on Martin's mothers birthday. She immediately took ownership of the right to name our firstborn calf. Billy was his name -o!!

Our first few kilograms of milk, went straight to a factory in Vaughan, Ontario where they would test the mozzarella recipe with the white gold. In a few weeks they finally got it going and it was (and still is) amazing!

From 2008 to 2024, our herd has grown to 800 + . We went from milking approximately 40 buffalo to 160+ . We went from bull breeding to artificial insemination and now to Embryo Transplant. Our business has grown from milking to selling products from our home, to opening a farm store, to making our own buffalo milk gelato, to shipping nationwide.

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